Timed TV stream recording for Python

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Timed TV stream recording for Python

Please note, that the recording or distribution of some streams may be forbidden by the law of your country or your local content provider. Author takes no responsibility for any records taken or used.

This software allows you to record TV streams. HTTP streams will be recorded direct and any other streams will be forwarded to external software ffmpeg.

The server runs at port 8030 (http://YourIP:8030), which can be altered in the configuration.


For latest Synology version please add the community hub in your package center. Python must be installed in order to run this software.
For direct downloads please check my release section.

You can also use this software on any other operation system with Python installed. Just download the source code of the latest release, extract it in any folder you like, navigate to this folder and execute python Now you can start using this software.

Suggestions or problems? Check the software manual, visit the german community forum, create an issue or contact me directly.
Support languages: English, German, Russian.

If you like this package, please consider a donation and be sure to include your feedback.

Thank you and have fun!

Desktop version:
tvstreamrecord record view
tvstreamrecord channel view
tvstreamrecord EPG view
Mobile version:
tvstreamrecord mobile view tvstreamrecord mobile channels tvstreamrecord mobile epg