TV-Browser Plugin for TVStreamRecord

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TV-Browser Plugin for TVStreamRecord

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This plugin allows you to record your favorite event from TV-Browser software with TVStreamRecord running on your NAS.



Please use the official plugin distribution from TV-Browser. If you want to install this plugin manually, you must download the last release and copy the .jar file to the Plugins folder of TV-Browser (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\TV-Browser\plugins).


After the installation of this plugin you must open your TV-Browser, open 'Tools' menu and select 'Manage plugins'. You should now see this plugin (TsrPlugin) in the list. Click on it and enter the full URL of your TVStreamRecord including port (e.g. without backslash.


Now you can use the context menu to record your favorite event with TVStreamRecord and use the toolbar button to access its web interface.


For configuring TVStreamRecord please consult its manual and help pages.

Please note, that your channels have to be named exactly as shown in TV-Browser to be synchronized properly. If no event was scheduled, please check TVStreamRecord log for more details.

Help and support

Suggestions or problems? Please visit the german community forum, create an issue or contact me directly.
Support languages: English, German, Russian.

If you like this plugin, please consider a donation and be sure to include your feedback.

Thank you and have fun!